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Bohemia Security

Bohemia Security products are a manufacturing and supplying Premium range of architectural hardware, bath accessories, furniture and glass fittings under the brand name of Sora. We have provides complete solution to residential and commercial structures. Bohemia Security is a provider of an exclusive product range that includes Mortise Handles, Mortise pin cylinder, Mortise lock body, Cylindrical locks, Furniture locks, Pull handles, Door hinges, Clip on hinges, Telescopic Channels, Bathroom Accessories, Door Closers, Floor Springs, Glass Patch Fittings, Glass sliding system, Glass door locks, Shower Fittings, Shower Hinges, Spider Fittings, Shower Sliding System, Stainless steel Railings & Balustrades system & Aluminum Railing system. We are committed to partnering with its stakeholders for providing end-to-end architectural hardware products to the Architects, Builders, Interior Decorators, Corporate Houses, Government Contractors, and many others in the domain of residential and commercial projects.

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Architectural Brilliance

Experience the extraordinary as we redefine the ordinary. Bohemia Security specializes in delivering architectural hardware that not only serves its purpose but also introduces a touch of elegance and sophistication. Our designs set a new benchmark in architectural innovation, ensuring your spaces stand out with a timeless allure.

Securing Spaces

Our advanced locking systems and durable door closers seamlessly integrate into your spaces, providing robust protection while enhancing the overall appeal. Trust is built into the very foundation of our products, ensuring peace of mind for you and confidence for those who rely on your spaces.

Tailored Solutions

Our solutions reflect that diversity. Whether it's a cozy home or a sprawling commercial complex, Bohemia Security offers a versatile range of customizable architectural solutions. Crafted to meet the unique needs of architects, builders, and interior decorators, our products promise a perfect fit for every project, bringing your vision to life.

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